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Pitera Essence | Art Direction | Photo Collage | Ad Banner Design

To say that SK-II’s Pitera Essence enjoys a cult following is quite the understatement. The brand famously sells a bottle every two seconds. For many beauty die-hards, it’s their ultimate, desert-island must-have. But if you’ve never tried it, you might be wondering why all the hype over what…well, basically looks like a bottle of water. A pricey bottle at that — the 2.5 ounce size goes for just under 100 dollars. Others might wonder what an essence even is.

The Cut took to this task over a series of three articles. The first article of the series explained why essence "is a thing" - a nod to the successful Explainer series format commonly seen across Vox Media properties. The second and third articles of the series, we took the product to our ultimate test and gave two staffers the product to try for 14 days and walk us through their testimonial.

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